Chante et découvre le français Book & CD Set (Sing and Learn French) New ed.

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Language: French
Category: Music for Language Learning
Publisher: ABC Melody
ISBN: 9782368360194

Salsa, pop, jazz, rock... this CD has it all. Listen to the songs - look at the pictures - associate the pictures with the word in French - and sing and dance in French!

Through the 10 songs and their karaoke instrumental versions and vocabulary in pictures, children will learn many daily expressions and words. There is no English support in this edition but that will have little impact on the ability of listeners to absorb and learn the French vocabulary and songs.

From the beginning when it was released as Sing and Learn French, this timeless collection of wonderful songs for learning French for children has been a best-seller!

Songs : Rapalphabet, Léon le caméléon, Dans ma rue, Un deux trois!, Deux pieds, Madame l'araignée, Un deux trois aérobic,! C'est l'été, La techno des animaux, C'est Noël

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