Grammaire sans problème A1/A2 & CD

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Language: French
Category: Grammar Reference & Practice in Target Language
Publisher: Maison des Langues
ISBN: 9788416273553

An attractive, up-to-date grammar for teenagers written by Sylvie Poisson-Quinton who has made her name in the field of grammars for foreign students.

This title is in full colour and covers the A1-A2 levels of the Framework. There is a clear structure to the presentation of the grammar, with explanations and examples, exercises and the answer key at the back of the book, audio exercises in context with transcripts, revision/summary sections and grammatical tables.

HIghly recommended for secondary students.

In Summary:

  • An essential and complementary tool to learn French grammar in an easy way (A1/A2 level)
  • In-context exercises on subjects that are familiar to adolescents.
  • More than 200 oral and written activities.
  • Tests available for each unit and global test at the end of the book so that the student is aware of his/her own achievements.
  • Each chapter has the same structure: one page of explanations is followed by a page of exercises so the theory is put into practice in an immediate and effective way
  • Complementary documents at the end of the book : conjugation table, grammatical index, explanations about how the verbs are constructed.
  • CD audio included with many oral comprehensions
  • Transcriptions and solutions at the end of the book
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